Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parents For Educational Freedom Seminar 5/6/2010

Received this in my email today, from an awesome group called Parents For Educational Freedom, North Carolina:

Do you agree that it’s time to find real solutions to the state's educational achievement gap and high drop-out rate?

Do you believe that working class families need more quality options?

Then join Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina for a town hall discussion. This is your opportunity to share ideas with elected officials as well as public and nonpublic school leaders.

Admission is free. Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference and to be heard. For more information about Parents For Educational Freedom click here:

Peace College, Kenan Recital Hall
15 East Peace Street
Thursday, May 6 - 6:30 pm

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cary kids make big sports splash

Press Release: DURHAM, N.C. -- The Town of Cary will send two of its youth baseball players to Tokyo, Japan this summer to represent the United States at the World Children's Baseball Fair. Jacob Darby and Brandon King, both 11 years old, were chosen to attend the nine-day event held July 29-Aug. 6.

USA Baseball worked with the Town of Cary and Barry Mitsch of the Cary Sports Alliance to help identify the two young athletes.

Darby, a 5th grader who attends Turner Creek Elementary School, and King, currently a 5th grader at Highcroft Drive Elementary School, both play in the Bronco League held locally in the Town of Cary. King plays for the Barham Enterprises while Darby is a member of the Family Paws.

During their time in Japan, Darby and King will take part in baseball clinics held by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) -- of which USA Baseball is a member -- geared towards the sharing of best practices and techniques among the five continents which will be represented. The World Children's Baseball Fair was established in the interest of fostering an environment of world understanding and cultural exchange through the celebration of baseball.

"We could not be more thrilled for these two young baseball players," said Paul Seiler, USA Baseball Executive Director/CEO. "We know that they will represent their country and the Town of Cary well."

An added bonus to the experience for Darby and King is that they get to meet Hank Aaron, a baseball legend and one of the founders of the World Children's Baseball Fair, whom both boys admire. "I can't wait to meek Hank Aaron, he is one of my role models," Brandon King said.

For Darby and King, this proves to be an exciting time for them as they await their international trip. "It's my first flight ever, and I have never been out of the country," Darby said.

King echoed Darby's statements when asked what he was looking forward to on this upcoming adventure. "I have never been in a new country before, and I am very excited."

Jacob's first adventure on an airplane will be a long one, especially without his parents, but they are excited for their son's opportunity. "I'm a very proud dad. I am a little nervous because it's a very long flight, but he's definitely going to have an exciting trip," Steve Darby said.

"I am a little nervous about him leaving, but this is an incredible opportunity that Brandon has," said his mother Joanne King. "We are so happy that he was chosen, and I think he will represent his city and his country very well."

For both these young athletes and their families this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that none of them will ever forget.

About USA Baseball
USA Baseball is the National Governing Body of amateur baseball in the United States and is a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The organization selects and trains the World Baseball Classic Team and World Cup Team (and all other USA Baseball Professional Teams); the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team; the USA Baseball 18U, 16U and 14U National Teams; and the USA Baseball Women’s National Team, all of which participate in various international competitions each year. USA Baseball also presents the Golden Spikes Award annually to top player in college baseball. For more information, please visit and

Contact: Jake Fehling –, (919) 474-8721 x225 or Leda Isenhour,, (919) 462-3960

Friday, April 9, 2010

Goddard schools in Cary: one of those best places to begin

Like the other wings of the Goddard preschools, the Goddard schools in Cary are also a part of the GSI (Goddard System Inc.). GSI has a vast network of some 300 schools spread around the entire USA. All of them have an on-site franchisee along with a learning instructor. Established on the foundational belief of great educationists such as Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget, the school aims to take care of the educational, emotional and physical needs of children from the age of 6 months to 6 years.

The best thing about the Goddard schools in Cary is perhaps the option to know what your child is learning and how he is progressing. Yes, when you enroll your child into this school, you get to actually see the day-by-day progress of your child with the daily activity report card that this school uses as a checklist to monitor every student’s performance. When you come to pick up your child, you will be given the daily activity report card that will enlist all her activities of the day. It will also include what she has eaten, how fast she is catching the potty training, and of course, how she is learning the lessons taught by the efficient teachers who have years of experience. You even have the option to see your child at lunch time or join him for lunch. You will have to call and take the permission from the principal to meet your child.

The teaching staff at the Goddard schools in Cary is open to suggestions. If you feel there is something that would be good for your child’s upbringing, you can discuss it with the teachers and they would be happy to incorporate it in their teaching methods. You can be sure that here your child will be nurtured with utmost care and will go through a proper learning curve.

Kids r Kids Wake Forest school

Kids r Kids Wake forest is a preschool for toddlers in the 06-36 months of age range. They are so much trustworthy that you can always go ahead and send your kids. The well-disciplined system of the Montessori will ensure that your kid grows up as a self-sufficient individual and maintain a well-balanced life.

Kids r Kids Wake forest preschools always give values to each and every individual. They are responsible enough to attend all the kids in their own way and you can be rest assured that the onus of safety and security of your kid solely depends on them. The toddlers are made aware of ethics, principles and moral values fro a very early age of their life. They learn to respect their teachers as well as their seniors. Similarly, the teachers also love and at the same time respect them. Flexible timing is an added advantage of these preschools. Here, the parents have the liberty to select a particular period to send their child to school without hampering their daily household chores.

The kids learn mathematics, language and other extra curricular activities are carried out keeping in mind the fact that the young children do not suffer from stress and mental pressure. They have the full liberty to enjoy and play during their activity sessions. Music and fun games play a major role in providing recreations and enjoy their daily preschool session.

Kids r Kids Wake forest ensures that your kid gradually develop and grow interest in almost all the activities. He is also allowed the liberty to select his own subject and carry out the activities accordingly. Natural growth of mind is never hindered in these preschools and you can expect your child to explore new methods, carry out activities with innovative ideas and many more such things, which are not even expected from your toddlers at this age.

Kids r Kids Raleigh Preschool

Kids r Kids Raleigh is a preschool where you can admit your child for his proper education and enable him to stand up independently in all spheres of life. They help your child to face bigger challenges of life. The programs are framed in such a way that it helps the kids to relax while learning. The programs take special care of the child’s psychology and thereby they have classified their programs into weekly and monthly categories.

Kids r Kids Raleigh Montessori is unique in its own way. It helps the toddlers to understand their subject of interest and select it from a number of choices of other subjects. Here, the kids receive their early education and from the early childhood, they learn to play with words which enable them to increase their vocabulary. Even the toddlers at this tender age, learn to read and write and also pronounce properly. They are also provided with some recreation, fun activities along with music are played. It is seen most of the time that the children with all intents and purposes involve themselves in music and entertainment. The toddlers are interested in and they are intelligent enough to call musical instruments by their respective names. These fun activities are also equally vital for them as it helps to maintain a balanced life. Kids r Kids Raleigh preschool, unlike other schools, offers flexible timing for your kid. So, you can be rest assured to admit your toddler in a Montessori like this.

Utmost care is taken while the teachers plan games for them. They are responsible enough to take care of their safety. At the end of their activities, a daily report card is prepared for all the kids in order to keep track of their performance level as well aware their guardian of their daily activities.

Wake up and get your kid admitted to Wake Forest Montessori Schools

Wake Forest Montessori dates back to 2007. This school was constructed for the toddlers by a team of ardent professors and a number of business professionals. It was mainly built with an aim to enrich the young minds with knowledge and power for their all-round developments and progress in future.

Keeping in mind the requirements of parents as well as their kids, the qualified teachers of the Wake Forest Preschool have designed their education programs in a unique way. They mainly run their school for four hours a day. That can be in the morning and can be in the evening, whichever would be considered feasible for the kids by their parents.

Wake Forest Preschool helps them learn many subjects along with extra-curricular activities. The school caters to the needs of these kids without laying stress on the young minds. They also keep looking after various other aspects of a child such as they have a constant eye on them and make sure that the kids are quite comfortable with their teachers and enjoy the whole day without missing their guardians much. In a classroom, for twenty-four kids there are almost four instructors always present to take care. This is how it stands out from the crowd of other Montessori schools. They give special attention to all the kids and the parents seem to be happy at the end of the day to see their child smiling at them and jumping to their laps.

The Wake Forest Preschool is the right place for your child as they help your kid to learn the very basic areas of life, which would help them to grow in the end. They would learn to maintain a balance in their life and would grow up as a disciplined and well-mannered individual.

Shape your kid’s future at Wake Forest Montessori

Do not lose an opportunity to send your child to Wake Forest Montessori, as Wake Forest childcare preschools stand out among others and promises of providing your kids with quality education and child care services.

Wake Forest childcare Montessori is responsible for a child’s physical, mental, social, emotional and overall development. Wake Forest Montessori caters to the toddler’s needs and requirements and it is registered and sponsored by North Carolina Departments of Corporations. The classes are divided into two groups. One for 0-36 months old are in class one whereas from 36 months to 6 years are in preschool/K. According to the various surveys conducted by the preschools, the younger kids follow their seniors and the seniors learn while teaching the juniors.

Almost all the teachers are learned. They possess a 4-year bachelor degree from a recognized university coupled with an additional diploma in Montessori teacher education. The Wake Forest childcare preschools also take care of the safety and security of their child. As a result, the teachers are CPR and first aid certified especially by renowned institutions like Red Cross.

In Montessori’s like Wake Forest, they do not follow a fixed and usual curriculum schedules. Instead, they extend their full support towards the kids and help the kids to be comfortable with all the activities that go on every day. They have unique methods and tools to enhance the toddler’s logical power. They play various games. They have fun while performing activities; thereby create an interest in almost everything they do.

In short, Wake Forest childcare helps your child to enrich and grow in almost all spheres of life. Their infrastructure is prepared in such a way that it enables them to learn keeping in mind their rights to social, mental, physical and intellectual.

Montessori School of Raleigh: Quality education for your kid

You must be confused about admission to an early first grade as soon as your child reaches the toddler age. You are not alone. Bringing up your child and providing him with quality education in a good academic environment becomes the primary objective of all parents. Your child needs an independent preschool that looks after the development of your child. What can be a better option than Montessori school of Raleigh?

Montessori school of Raleigh is an independent pre-school that follows the principles and values of Maria Montessori, and takes proper care of the upbringing of the kids. The kids are quite comfortable with their teachers who are extremely learned, and take all possible care to bring up the kids with proper discipline. Values and ethics of justice, accord and compassions are well maintained in this school. The school strictly believes in education that, according to them, is a system mutually respected and followed by both teachers as well as students.

For growth and development of the children, Montessori school of Raleigh, follows a series of programs during their academic sessions. Students learn subjects like Mathematics, languages, along with co-curricular lessons like cultural activities. That apart, gripping the pencil properly, preparing their own food as well as cleaning the cutlery after finishing their food, reading, buttoning and pouring are also taught to make them self-sufficient. They also learn to sort out different colorful items according to their lighter and darker shades.

As a whole, it takes special care of developing the children as an independent and qualified individual. Generally, the time schedule of a Montessori preschool is from 9am in the morning to 12pm in the afternoon. Here, all the kids are given special attention and values and thereby, are well trained with the knowledge that is highly essential; the knowledge that will help them to flourish in life and achieve their goals.

Goddard Schools in Raleigh: Help your child to rise in life

Just after the moment you give birth to your child, you start thinking of giving him the best education and a great life in future. The Goddard schools in Raleigh cater to all your child’s needs and provide quality education along with proper child care. It mainly aims at providing education to kids ranging between 6 months to 6 years of age.

The Goddard schools in Raleigh are mainly based on the principles of educationists like Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget. In this preschool various activities are carried out everyday. You can also visit your kid’s Montessori school during the lunch time or play time to keep a track of your kid’s daily activities. The teachers are highly educated and they maintain a daily report of your child’s activities. Each and every child is given individual attention and utmost care to shine in almost all spheres of life. Whatever your child has learned and how much she/he ate and how good she/he is at doing things neatly are all written in the daily report card, prepared by the teachers, and are handed over to their parents once the school gets over.

The Goddard System, Inc, in short, the GSI, located at Pennsylvania, provides franchisee to the Goddard preschools spread across America. They are running successfully in providing the toddlers with high quality child care as well as educational services. The Goddard schools in Raleigh are quite popular for their flexible timings. You can send your kid at your convenient time which can be for 2 days or 5 days in a week or just half a day. The schools also ensure proper safety and security of your child. The visitors need to register their names in the guest book along with the proof of their identity in order to meet any student.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Raleigh Primrose School

As you may or may not know, The Primrose School is a set of fast growing franchises in the United States. Focused on providing care to children age ranged from infant to 1st grade in some states Primrose is making a name for itself as the quality child care service around. The Primrose School of Raleigh is fast making itself a player in the local child care scene.

If you want more information on the schools below are the following locations of the Primrose Schools in the Triangle areas of Raleigh and Wake Forest.

  1. Primrose School Of North Raleigh
    8521 Falls of the Neuse Road
    North Raleigh,NC 27615
  2. Primrose School Of Hilburn
    6941 Hilburn Drive
    Raleigh,NC 27613
    919 783-8222
  3. Primrose School Of Heritage Wake Forest
    844 Heritage Lake Road
    Wake Forest,NC 27587
More information about Primrose:

Primrose Schools Vision

To deliver the best and most trusted early childhood education and child care services for families across America.

Primrose Schools Mission

To enable a growing number of individuals to achieve balanced success in learning and life by consistently delivering innovative, high-quality early education and child care services.

My NC Preschools

Welcome to My NC Preschools. At this site we promise to bring insightful reviews of many preschools located in the Triangle region of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner and RTP. When you need access to child care information you have come to the right place in the triangle.