Friday, April 9, 2010

Montessori School of Raleigh: Quality education for your kid

You must be confused about admission to an early first grade as soon as your child reaches the toddler age. You are not alone. Bringing up your child and providing him with quality education in a good academic environment becomes the primary objective of all parents. Your child needs an independent preschool that looks after the development of your child. What can be a better option than Montessori school of Raleigh?

Montessori school of Raleigh is an independent pre-school that follows the principles and values of Maria Montessori, and takes proper care of the upbringing of the kids. The kids are quite comfortable with their teachers who are extremely learned, and take all possible care to bring up the kids with proper discipline. Values and ethics of justice, accord and compassions are well maintained in this school. The school strictly believes in education that, according to them, is a system mutually respected and followed by both teachers as well as students.

For growth and development of the children, Montessori school of Raleigh, follows a series of programs during their academic sessions. Students learn subjects like Mathematics, languages, along with co-curricular lessons like cultural activities. That apart, gripping the pencil properly, preparing their own food as well as cleaning the cutlery after finishing their food, reading, buttoning and pouring are also taught to make them self-sufficient. They also learn to sort out different colorful items according to their lighter and darker shades.

As a whole, it takes special care of developing the children as an independent and qualified individual. Generally, the time schedule of a Montessori preschool is from 9am in the morning to 12pm in the afternoon. Here, all the kids are given special attention and values and thereby, are well trained with the knowledge that is highly essential; the knowledge that will help them to flourish in life and achieve their goals.

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