Friday, April 9, 2010

Goddard schools in Cary: one of those best places to begin

Like the other wings of the Goddard preschools, the Goddard schools in Cary are also a part of the GSI (Goddard System Inc.). GSI has a vast network of some 300 schools spread around the entire USA. All of them have an on-site franchisee along with a learning instructor. Established on the foundational belief of great educationists such as Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget, the school aims to take care of the educational, emotional and physical needs of children from the age of 6 months to 6 years.

The best thing about the Goddard schools in Cary is perhaps the option to know what your child is learning and how he is progressing. Yes, when you enroll your child into this school, you get to actually see the day-by-day progress of your child with the daily activity report card that this school uses as a checklist to monitor every student’s performance. When you come to pick up your child, you will be given the daily activity report card that will enlist all her activities of the day. It will also include what she has eaten, how fast she is catching the potty training, and of course, how she is learning the lessons taught by the efficient teachers who have years of experience. You even have the option to see your child at lunch time or join him for lunch. You will have to call and take the permission from the principal to meet your child.

The teaching staff at the Goddard schools in Cary is open to suggestions. If you feel there is something that would be good for your child’s upbringing, you can discuss it with the teachers and they would be happy to incorporate it in their teaching methods. You can be sure that here your child will be nurtured with utmost care and will go through a proper learning curve.

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